Membership Benefits

As a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, you represent the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry. The benefits of NKBA membership are tailored to help you expand and organize your business, publicize your services and advance your career through education and leadership opportunities.

Education. NKBA Professional Development Programs raise the bar for kitchen and bath professionals through course offerings, technical manuals and resource materials, educational conferences and a multi-level certification program.

Networking. The NKBA has a strong foundation which will enable you to strengthen and cultivate your professional relationships. With more than 65 chapters located throughout the United States and Canada, the NKBA is the ultimate source for kitchen and bath resources and the primary means of uniting the industry.

Leadership. NKBA Members are encouraged to serve as volunteer leaders on national boards, councils, committees and local chapters and participate in leadership training. Involvement allows individuals to directly contribute and benefit from the growth of the kitchen and bath industry's leading Association.

Tools. NKBA Membership allows you to strengthen your brand by aligning yourself with the NKBA and making your business more credible and more appealing to consumers. Through extensive marketing campaigns, targeted to both trade and consumer audiences, the NKBA continues to educate the public on the desirability of hiring Association members.






» NKBA News is Now Sent Weekly

You may have noticed that NKBA News, which was previously sent every two weeks via email, is now being sent weekly. NKBA News not only contains association updates and a link to our chapter information, but it also contains relevant industry news.


Unemployed Members:

"Individuals who have been NKBA members for at least two years may qualify for reduced dues of $50 for up to one year (one time use only) if they are temporarily unemployed and actively seeking employment. Members may request this status, in writing, to NKBA's Membership Department. If the request is received between January 1 and September 30, the reduced dues will be in effect for the remainder of the calendar year; if the request is received between October 1 and December 31, the reduced dues will be in effect for the next calendar year.

This category is available to members who are temporarily unemployed and seeking permanent employment or those returning to membership while on "leave of absence" certification status. Members paying dues in this category would be entitled to all benefits accruing to Individual Members employed by non-member firms."

MEMBERSHIP AND CHAPTER POLICIES (Excerpts from Governance manual)