The NKBA Intern Program is the perfect solution to your staffing needs. Plan today to host an intern from one of the dozens of NKBA-accredited kitchen and bath college design programs across the United States and Canada . Balance the highs and lows of your staffing requirements this spring or summer, while preparing for the upswing in kitchen and bath spending that could soon leave your business understaffed.

In addition to helping the industry by giving valuable experience to the next generation of kitchen and bath professions, you'll also enjoy these benefits of hosting an intern:

  • A year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Interns add enthusiasm and new ideas to your business.
  • Increased visibility of your company among college students.
  • Professional staff will be able to pursue more creative projects.
  • A flexible, cost-effective work force without long-term commitments.
  • Recruit and evaluate potential employees in a proven, affordable way.
  • Enhance your firm's image as you contribute to the educational process.


Sherylin Doyle, ADBD, NKBA Manager of Academic Relations
NKBA Profiles Magazine -- Winter 2010


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