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» NKBA Certification Exam Prep Flashcards now a mobile app! 

Like the boxed set of over 1,000 flashcards, the NKBA Certification Exam Prep app is based on the NKBA Professional Resource Library and is a valuable study tool for students and those studying for an NKBA certification exam (AKBD, CKD, CBD, & CKBP). Flashcards can be sorted by exam type, by NKBA Professional Resource Library volume, or by using the Shuffle option. Students and exam candidates alike can now easily study, on the go, from their smartphone or tablet. The app can be ordered on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as Kindle and Kindle Fire. Affordably priced at $9.99.

» Online Courses & Recorded Webinars are now available!

And, if you are considering sitting for the CKD/CBD in March, David Newton is teaching a drawing course chock full of tips and tools for creating the drawing documents required. Check it out! He is a great educator with years of experience and the patience to boot. You will not be disappointed. PS although there is no "prerequisite", this is NOT a drafting course.


For further information on the exams, please contact our VP Professional Development. ([email protected])

» Study Group for Spring 2013 CKD/CBD and On-Demand AKBD Exam

Anyone who is interested in attending a study group for the CKD/CBD for Spring 2013 or on-demand AKBD exam, please contact Ricki Makowitz, VP Professional Development. ([email protected])

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